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Real Property Assessment Appeals

If you wish to appeal your assessment, please use the applications found below. Print out and complete the form, sign it, attach any supporting documents required, and mail or fax it to the following address:

Government of the District of Columbia
Real Property Tax Administration
Attn: Appeals Section
PO Box 71440
Washington, DC 20024
Fax: (202) 442-6796

You must file your appeal within 30 days of the date of your assessment notice. The statutory deadline for filing appeals is April 1. New owners have forty-five (45) days after the date of the property transfer, or April 1, whichever is later, to file an appeal. New Owner Appeal forms may be found below.

Remember to retain a copy of the appeal application for your records.

Your Appeal Rights

Property owners, a duly authorized agent of a property owner, or those with an interest in a property (such as a lessee) have the right to appeal an assessment. If you want to appeal the Assessment Division's estimate of market value, you have several opportunities, but you must begin the appeal process at the first level of appeal. New owners of real property have the right to file an appeal within 45 days of the property’s transfer.

Each property owner is entitled, at no charge, to a copy of their property worksheet and a sales list for the area where the property is located. Information regarding other properties in the relevant area may be available; however, the DC Code requires the assessor to keep certain information confidential. Requests for information regarding other properties may be granted, but fees will be charged in accordance with a schedule available upon request from the Assessment Division.

Appeal Process

First Level: Assessor Level The assessor assigned to a property will discuss the basis of the assessment. You may present relevant information regarding your assessment. Please note that a successful appeal requires meaningful and accurate supporting information. Simply offering an opinion with no factual basis will probably not result in a reduced assessment. The appeal may be conducted in-person, by telephone or in writing. Specific instructions for filing the first level appeal may be found on the assessment appeal application. 

Second Level: Commission Level If the assessor and the property owner, or party with an interest, do not resolve a disputed value, the property owner may proceed to the Real Property Tax Appeals Commission (RPTAC). RPTAC appeals must be filed within 45 days from the date of notice of final determination from the first level appeal for notices received on or before August 1; otherwise, appeals must be filed on or before September 30. RPTAC will not accept an appeal unless there has first been an appeal to the Assessment Division. For additional information, contact RPTAC at (202) 727-6860. 

Third Level: Superior Court Level If the property owner or party with an interest is not satisfied after a RPTAC hearing, an appeal may be taken to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.