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Software Developer Information

Modernized e-file (MeF)

The Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) invites all eligible practitioners and software developers to participate in the DC MeF joint electronic program. Acceptance by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) constitutes acceptance by OTR. Beginning Tax Year 2013, OTR will be requiring the DC Registration Form and Software Standards. If you need additional information, please email efile@dc.gov.

The following is a list of tax software packages for tax professionals subject to DC approval, as packages are subject to approval each year.
  • H&R Block
  • CCH Tax Consulting
  • CS Professional Suite
  • Drake Software
  • Intuit
  • Jackson-Hewitt
  • Lacerte
  • Petz Enterprise
  • TaxSlayer
  • CCH Small Firm Services
  • Thomson Reuters
  • TaxAct
  • Tax Simple
  • Taxware Systems
  • FileYourTaxes & ProTaxPro
  • Lamson Tech
  • TaxHawk
  • Online Taxes
  • Liberty Tax
  • OnePriceTaxes
  • Agile Tax
  • Taxsoftware

Substitute Tax Forms Approval Process and Information

A substitute tax form is a computer-generated form for filing in lieu of official DC tax forms. Reference the "Substitute Forms Guidelines" publication for the appropriate generation, use and approval of substitute forms.

Substitute tax form grids are available to assist software developers and printers in the accurate generation of substitute tax forms. These grids show the exact design and location of the required elements on the official forms. The substitute tax form grids are for computer-generated/printed, black-and-white versions of pages in the official form that contain drop-out ink. If there are pages in the official version that are black-and-white, continue those in the same format.

Substitute Tax Form Grids

Questions and comments concerning these grids should be addressed to the Office of Tax and Revenue's System and Forms Division at (202) 442-6262 or (202) 442-6919.

Individual Income and Business Returns: 

Personal Property Returns: