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Office of Tax and Revenue

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The Collection and Enforcement Administration (CEA) will have limited availability on Wednesday, June 12, with fewer staff members available. As a result, you may experience longer wait times. Normal operations will resume on Thursday, June 13. Thank you for your patience during this time.


Effective 2/26/24, OTR's Cashier's Office is now located at 1100 4th Street, SW, Suite E200, Washington, DC 20024.

In-person appointments for OTR’s Walk-In Center and the Recorder of Deeds Office can be made here.

Certificate of Clean Hands: Obtaining a Certificate of Clean Hands is a simple process by visiting

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Data Processing Services


Taxable Services
  • Computerized Business Accounting
  • Payroll Services
  • Word Processing Services
  • Computerized Data Information
  • Storage and Manipulation
  • Inventory Control Data
  • Systems Analysis and Programming Services
  • Computer Time Sharing
  • Laser and Optical Scanning
  • Billing Services
Data Conversion Services
  • Converting Raw Data to Microfiche, etc.
  • Statistical Analysis Services
  • List Maintenance
  • Data Base management
  • Library Management
  • Desk Top Publishing
  • Software Development and Sales
  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Data Entry Services
  • Keypunch
  • Key to Tape
  • Key to Diskette
  • Programming
  • Key Verification
  • Data Communication

Data Processing Consulting Services
  • Specifying Computer Hardware Configurations
  • Evaluating Technical Processing Characteristics
  • Computer Programming or Software Development
Non-Taxable Services
  • Performing accounting, legal and insurance services in which data processing services are incidental.
  • Consultant hired by the company to do a study on management information needs; the consultant mentioned in his report that the computer system needed to be upgraded.
  • Telecommunication Line Charges
  • Computer Training Courses (not in conjunction with the sale of software)